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What is included in an HR Administrator's job description?

An HR Administrator's job description typically involves running the human resources department of an organisation. They are tasked with developing HR policies, managing employee benefits, hiring staff and ensuring that the organisation’s internal practices are legally compliant.
As a standard requirement, most HR Administrators are expected to be comfortable operating computer systems for organisation and management purposes.

What is the main role of an HR Administrator?

An HR Administrator’s main role is to ensure the smooth running of an organisation’s employment processes. This includes general human resources for existing staff members and dealing with complaints, resolving staff grievances and recording employee absences.

What are the most important qualities for a good HR Administrator?

An HR administrator must understand their local employment legislation. They should also be able to resolve conflict diplomatically. Possessing a good level of IT skills and the ability to multitask are also important qualities to have.

What duties does an HR Administrator have?

An HR Administrator performs various duties. In their daily work, they are required to:
  • Ensure compliance with labour law and employment legislation
  • Analyse and interpret data to create reports
  • Manage recruitment, selection, and onboarding processes
  • Prepare job descriptions and terms and conditions for employment
  • Manage payroll and welfare payments
  • Manage employee relationships
  • Prepare, plan, and assign work
  • Analyse staffing needs to devise training and other developmental programs
  • Track and manage absence records

What are the responsibilities of an HR Administrator?

The responsibilities of an HR Administrator include to:
  • Oversee the entire human resources department to make sure it runs smoothly
  • Resolve employment legislation and legal issues related to job applications and layoffs
  • Manage employee relations and working with them to solve any conflict or grievances
  • Run all hiring and onboarding processes

What is the work environment like for an HR Administrator?

An HR administrator typically works full time in an office or hybrid environment during regular 9-5 business hours. They may also be required to travel occasionally. Maintaining good relationships with staff members is important as part of the role. The job can be stressful at times due to dealing with sensitive interpersonal matters. As a result, an effective HR administrator should stay calm under pressure and make the correct decisions.

What does an HR Administrator do day to day?

An HR Administrator will spend time writing reports and analysing data in their day-to-day routine. They will also communicate in different contexts, both in-person and over the phone to manage internal and external relations. An HR Administrator also ensures that legal requirements are being met daily.

What is the best way to become an HR Administrator?

One of the best ways to become an HR Administrator is to study a relevant course at a university or college, such as business management or human resources administration. Ongoing training may also be essential depending on the HR Administrator's organisation. A proven track record of hiring reliable staff members with excellent people skills may help applicants stand out from competitors when applying for an HR Administrator role.
To learn more about HR Administrator jobs, visit our HR Administrator salaries or our HR Administrator skills and qualifications page.

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